funeral clowning!

shows & movies

fraggle rock & the muppets, magical girl medias (i freaking LOVE madoka magica and revolutionary girl utena and princess tutu and ive been keeping up with hirogaru sky precure as well. i just really love magical girls), moon girl and devil dino, ducktales, little witch academia, spy x family, steven universe, cleopatra in space, lucky star, the sifl and olly show, other things not prominent enough to list here that I still have an interest in


they might be giants, babymetal+ other jpop/jrock idols, the scary jokes, vocaloid & vsynth (mitchie m, wonderful★opportunity, inabakumori, karikibear, kikuo are favorites but also lots of things from other producers!), goth rock and emo, pretty much everything from the 50s-90s, some musicals (wicked and waitress are my favorites!), overall I’m very open to trying new music so please feel free to recommend me things! here's a link to my playlist

other things

project sekai(WxS & MMJ!), moomins (Books, comics, shows etc.), sleepless domain, welcome home (casually, will link back to site when it's up again), peanuts (Comics, TV specials, etc.) enneagram (I’m a 2w1 279 sx/so!), ever after high, my little pony & other toy based franchises, clowns, history, ghosts, funeral practices & cemeteries

characters i ❤️

my OCs!!!!!, wembley & mokey fraggle, miki sayaka(but also literally all the other holy quintet. I think about them all so much), edel (princess tutu), himemiya anthy (rgu), pinkie pie & fluttershy (MLP), ninny (moomins), minori, emu, & saki, nene, mafuyu, the rest of MMJ! (PJSK), akila theoris(CPIS), madeline hatter (EAH), sora harewataru (precure), doctor worm???? he’s me idk if he even counts he's from a song, takara miyuki (lucky star), peridot & pearl (SU), peppermint patty & marcie (peanuts), idk who my favorite vsynth is I love them all. possibly the kagamines, una, teto or rana!